Myanmar rice export

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Myanmar rice exports highest in 50 years in 2017-18

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Jul 22,  · Myanmar does not strive to export rice in large quantities, but aims to make high-quality products. Sources said that Myanmar has been trying to expand rice export markets, especially the EU. Myanmar rice exports highest in 50 years in Thiha Ko Ko 19 Dec Myanmar is estimated to export up to million tonnes of rice worth a maximum of $ million this year, the most in 50 years.

Rice is one of the major sectors prioritised by the Myanmar National Export Strategy.


The Strategy was designed to fuel the country’s sustainable development through export promotion and was first launched in March under the previous administration. According to Myanmar Rice Association, the export of Myanmar rice was nearlytonnes in fiscal year garnering $ million, which has risen to more than million tonnes (worth $ million) in The rice export volume for the fiscal year is expected to reach 1 million tons, which is less than the export volume of million tons, said U Ye Min Aung, secretary-general of the Myanmar Rice.

Myanmar Rice Federation doesn't want to lose out on the rice export market this season and is working with organisations to ensure exports take place smoothly this year. (Image source: Zuki/Flickr) More thantonnes of rice are in stock for the months of October.

Myanmar rice export
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Myanmar rice exports highest in 50 years in | The Myanmar Times